Discover Great Britain through our vibrant collage campaign, featuring iconic scenes and limited-edition themed teas

Visit Britain Collage

Arts & Culture / Foods & Beverages
Collage / Artificial Intelligence

The esteemed Pablo London agency reached out to us to lead the British Tourism Office’s collage campaign, aimed to encourage visitors to “see things differently” in Britain.

Leveraging the power of collage, we created “Spilling the Tea on Great Britain,” a compelling story that highlights tea as the most iconic element of the country.

Through the collage journey, viewers are transported to various activities taking place in the country, including British festivals, surfing scenes, and mythical legends like the Loch Ness monster. Additionally, the campaign features five limited edition themed teas inspired by the different locations depicted in the collage, showcasing to visitors that ‘whatever your cup of tea, we’ve got it.’

Tigrelab carried out the creative and artistic direction of the entire piece. We came up with the idea of a long-take shot where the camera moves backward, while the character, placed in the center, remains in the same position while various accessories are added to create a comic touch to the overall concept. On the other hand, the creation of the environments was done through cutting and pasting images to create a surreal space with iconic places and elements from Great Britain.


Character Design

To create the main character of the campaign, the agency presented us with various options of British characters that they wanted our character to resemble. However, it was essential that we did not use any recognizable images. To accomplish this, we utilized Stable Diffusion, an image photorealistic generator that allowed us to input text and generate a unique face for our character without infringing on any image rights. Once we achieved the desired face, we added elements such as a mustache and modified the expressions to bring our character to life. To further enhance the character’s realism, we manually created a lip sync based on the script’s text.