We created captivating graphics for Simón Coll’s Chocolate Experience on a 180° screen, delving into chocolate’s rich history.

Simón Coll Showroom

Foods & Beverages / Museum
Immersive / Installation / Projection Mapping

Grup Transversal was assigned to do the design of the content for a new Showroom in San Sadurní d’Anoia. The museum, Simón Coll, opened “The Simón Coll Chocolate Experience” intending to spread the origin, history, culture, and values of chocolate from a different and unique point of view.
Grup Transversal requested us to direct and produce around 15 minutes of graphics and video content. Projected onto a 180º screen, it transports the viewers through time and space back to the early days of Cocoa and Simón Coll.