Crafted an immersive Porcelanosa Awards event, blending LED screens, animations, and synchronized lights, showcasing design excellence.

Porcelanosa Awards

Corporate / Architecture
LED Wall / Keynote & Congress
Set Design

We were contacted by Instronic to develop the concept, stage and the audiovisual content for the XIII architecture and interior design awards of Porcelanosa Group. The event had a duration of about 4 hours, with a few speeches, dinner, awards and a live music performance with an audiovisual support.


The first limitation was the challenging space of the gala, because the height of the room was really low.
We proposed a stage with LED screens inserted into a physical stage, some simple shapes that reminded the number of XIII gala.
We created a custom graphic package with multiple operative pieces that filled with audiovisual content the complete event.
At mid dinner there was a live performance by Leo Aldrey and Jon Corcuera, that were enhanced by a multimedia show with custom animations and controlled lights around the room and on the tables. The result was an immersive visual experience, all synchronized with live music.