Crafting surreal magic for One Plus Nord2 5G launch, blending collage, live-action, and real-time animations

One Plus Nord 2 - Commercial

Virtual Production / LED Wall / On Set
Unreal Engine / VFX

One Plus approached our pals from Aggressive TV to pitch the launching of the Nord2 5G and they invited us to help in this task. When we first received the script to pitch the job we were surprised that One Plus wanted to get away from typical CGI mobile ad aesthetics. This time the idea was to create a unique and surreal piece so we were able to mix different techniques and technologies to embrace a fresh visual mood.

In our first approach we started to design environments in a collage that would need to coexist with the live-action footage initially thought to be shot on chroma.
However, seeing the amount of scenes and the short production time, we thought: why not film against a LED screen and build a practical environment to be able to shoot it all in camera?
We prepared huge animations with different techniques, from CGI to collage, matte painting, and abstract motion graphics backgrounds.

We needed to create a pine forest with multiple angles, light variations, and effects for different scenes, so we made it in Unreal Engine to have a flexible and fast tool to create multiple versions in real-time, no matter how huge the resolutions were.
After the shooting, we prepared the designs and animations of the phones, transitions, and refined the airbrush animations of the main phone features.


The filming took place in Warsaw over three days. After the intensive prep, it was a thrill to finally be on the ground, meet people, and see things coming together in person. The amazing work of so many people in synergy on so many scenes to be shot in such a short time.
Moreover, the real practical elements were impressive and very effective, giving a great depth all in camera, working in perspective with our background contents.

The great thing about shooting against the LED is that we could reduce post-production significantly.
It was great to be able to see the final result live in-camera, envisioning how the scenes were coming together.

We had so much fun working with such talented teams while creating these designs, animations, and compositions that glued the whole piece together in a different way.



Motion Graphics Specs

We’re mostly used to seeing CG chipsets and camera specs, so we had so much fun creating these designs, airbrush animations, and surreal compositions that glued the whole piece together in a different way.