Blending history with technology for the Olympic Games Opening spectacle.

Mediterranean Opening Ceremony

Sport / Arts & Culture
LED Wall / Projection Mapping / Immersive

The director Hansel Cereza asked us to join him in creating the visual content for the Opening Ceremony of the Mediterranean Olympic Games 2018 in Tarragona.
The whole event was set in the old Roman Age, the stage was a LED screen made of stones and columns around it as if it was an old Impluvium where the water gathers. The show started with the Water Ceremony, in which a group of Roman handmaidens poured water into real hands sculptures on all the sides generating flows of water into the LED screen that formed the circles of the Mediterranean Olympic Games.
Then, for the Oath part, we made a transition from water to a stone floor made completely with Cinema 4D where children played with spinning tops upon it. From there, we created stones shaking and falling, leaving just a circle in the middle for the main part, where a tenor represented the goddess and started singing the song of the Opening of the Olympics accompanied by her aides. For the highest part of the performance, the goddess stayed in the middle of the stage and three projection screens lifted to start the process of Spring. From the center of the screen, several colorful flowers bloomed and their petals continued into the projection screens, coinciding with various performances around the stadium of flowers and plants formed by many performers. This was the climax to get to the last sequence of the show: Humanity. For this part, Tigrelab created a video from the shooting made on-site of close-ups of all the volunteers of the event, finishing with the goddess immersed in a starry sky. The whole show was broadcast live on TV.