Look at our most unfiltered collage project, Mamos Unfiltered

Mamos Unfiltered

The agency SohoSquare approached to us again with an exciting challenge: to create a campaign for Mamos Beer their new «Unfiltered» line of beers. They wanted a redesign of their visual style, aiming for a rawer, more unfiltered collage aesthetic that would capture the true essence of their product, through an animation simulating a POV of how they created their beer.

To achieve this unique look, we employed a variety of mixed media techniques. We photographed torn papers for dynamic transitions, conducted a mini home photoshoot to capture hand actions, and even utilized artificial intelligence to generate some of the images we blended into our collage designs.

The result is a bold and dynamic 20-second digital campaign piece that captivates with its gritty, authentic feel. This project was a fantastic opportunity to explore our collage techniques and deliver a fresh, impactful visual experience.