Interactive mapping featured 3D patterns, audience engagement via eight tablets. Playful learning experience, infinite patterns on museum facade.

Magic Melody

Arts & Culture
Immersive / Interactive / Installation
Creative Code / Real-Time Graphics / Set Design

The Magic Melody was an interactive mapping projected onto the facade of the Singapore Art Museum during the Singapore Night Festival 2013. This ten-day installation included an 8-minute video show and an interactive part.
We used the concept of simple 3D patterns like cubes, spheres and pyramids as the theme for the video mapping show. The interactive experience began after the video show, allowing the audience to interact with the projection through eight tablets placed in front of the museum facade. The interactive application consisted in a playful installation, learning through experimentation and error. Each player controlled a different color and interacted with the cells generated from the center of the building. Giving them color, different shapes and movement, and creating an infinite variation of patterns on the facade.