Revolutionizing TV Production with Real-Time Virtual Production show for Prime Rewind Inside The Boys Series

Inside The Boys

TV & Media
Virtual Production / LED Wall / Immersive / On Set
Creative Code / Real-Time Graphics

Our Friends of Aggressive asked us to help them design a real-time virtual set for the Prime Rewind Inside The Boys TV series.
This project was an amazing challenge that was made in 4 weeks during the lockdown. Amazon & Embassy Row wanted a set that was adapted to the situation that the world was living in, especially now, when safety is the priority. We created an immersive virtual CG set for the host. Displayed on 4K LED panels, eliminating the need for green screen, months of intense post-production, and reducing the number of crew required to be present on set.
We designed a real-time basement environment to be synchronized with virtual and physical cameras to create an immersive and fully interactive set to shoot. We texturized almost seventy 3D objects and we integrated them into the scene in Notch, also we developed ambient animations to give life to the environment.


The 3D space was projected using Touchdesigner on 4k LED walls & floor panels, this CG environment tracked our camera’s position allowing it to move freely, while the backdrop distorted and changed perspectives correctly relative to the lens. Augmented reality content was then added in live on top of the footage to increase integration. This set mapping technique allowed our host to interact with guests in a dynamic, real-time environment for each one of the 9×30-minute episodes.


The virtual set enabled custom depth-of-field and dynamic lighting effects driven by the LED tiles, real-time video guest appearances, as well as a slew of in-show animations and easter eggs that we were able to trigger on cue. With all the visuals being rendered in real-time, last-minute adjustments to art direction, virtual «propping and set dressing», and lighting, could be done smoothly and efficiently on the day.  All of this, allowed us to deliver the final results on camera, with minimal post-production. Blending cutting-edge real-time SetMapping with smart visual design, we helped shape the look of the show, crafting a novel live execution that pushed the boundaries of the medium and elevated the concept of the entire season.