Transforming the Arab Hope Makers Gala, our real-time generative visuals fill Coca-Cola Arena with awe.

Hope Makers 2020

TV & Media / Corporate
Keynote & Congress / Immersive / LED Wall
Real-Time Graphics

Nomada contacted Tigrelab for the second year in a row to create the visuals for the annual Arab Hope Makers Award Gala Ceremony 2020 at Coca-Cola Arena Dubai. We created a graphic package inspired by their corporative colors and based on large particle systems as the main motive of the visuals. We were in charge of creating the opening video of the gala and a big pack of operative visuals for the multiple music concerts, displayed on a gigantic LED wall.
It was a challenging event that we made in record time. Becoming a grand variety show where we filled almost 7 hours of the event with content videos and wallpaper loops for a big screen of 45 x 10m in a huge resolution. For that reason, we used SMODE to create enormous particle systems in real time and finally render them in loops to display on their LED wall.
We created huge contemplative visuals for the opening ceremony, inspired by the colors of their logo, where we made a colorful universe of particles mixed with natural landscapes and characteristic Arabic elements. We also created a dynamic particle background video for each concert of the event, achieving a more immersive experience.
The project was crafted in SMODE, a real-time software specialized in generative visuals.

Tigrelab_Hope Makers 2020_01
Tigrelab_Hope Makers 2020_02
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hope makers 2020
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