Elegantly merge biometrics on LED screens with a dynamic 100-LED bar rig for an immersive experience.

HP Fitstation Booth

Health / Tech / Sport
Immersive / LED Wall
Light / Set Design

The Branding agency FIRMA approached Tigrelab to help develop an impactful light and content concept for the Fitstation Booth for ISPO 2019, This brand is a branch of HP focused on biometrics, and they wanted to represent all their tech involved in their business in an elegant and impactful Booth in the biggest sport fair of the world.
We created custom video content for the LED screens mixed with a rig of LED lights creating an augmented and enhanced experience.
The backbone of the booth was a central structure with LED screens for content. We explored different light rigs to extend the content of the screens to the roof and achieve a more immersive experience in the space. Finally, we chose a design of 100 LED bars synchronized with the content.