Experience the 5th Cupra Anniversary, where technology and artistry unite in the virtual metaverse

Cupra Exponential Impulse

Event / Immersive / Interactive / LED Wall
Unreal Engine / Real-Time Graphics

Vampire agency approached us to participate in the 5th Cupra Anniversary Event at the legendary Berlin Tempelhof Airport. We were in charge of the audiovisual content for the experiential area of the event. 

Once the guests crossed the immersive entrance tunnel, they entered a physical representation of the Cupra Metahype. We played a key role in developing a virtual host to receive them and presenting an experiential show on the perimeter screens and ceiling, centered around the concept of «mirroring you» – a reflection of reality in the virtual metaverse world.

Welcome Avatar

We created a virtual avatar host in a holographic display who received the guests to the space with a loop-welcome message in 4 languages. We created the voice-over with AI as a synthesized digital voice to be aligned with the environment.


Exponential Impulse

We brought the event’s Key Visual to life by projecting it onto the ceiling and perimeter screens, creating shapes that seemingly emerged in the sky, enhancing and influencing the overall venue lighting.


Formula E

We begin with a textured introduction showcasing Formula E. As the lights flash and fade, a blueprint car jumps onto the background screen. When the realistic car emerges, it starts racing against another car displayed on side screens and the ceiling.
The people who approached the mirror wall were able to project them in the shape of an ethereal avatar made by point-cloud aesthetics.


Dj Show

For the DJ sessions, we developed multiple audio-reactive scenarios linked with the event aesthetic. Each DJ had their own avatar and their own scenario to add dynamism to the show.
The motion tracking technology allowed us to move the digital avatar as the real DJ in real time,  breaking the boundaries between the physical and the digital world.


Metahype Landscape

We traveled around the Metahype island where we landed in the square and the Metahype Mirror turned on to start the interactive experience, reflecting all the people surrounding, embedding the public into the Cupra Metaverse.