Crafted a WOW-filled annual congress with a flexible 30m wood and LED stage for 4 days of events.

BD Annual Congress 2016

Keynote & Congress / Immersive / Projection Mapping
Set Design

BD Medical celebrated its annual congress at the Hotel W in Barcelona in January 2016 to treat its best staff members for 4-days. For this special occasion, they asked Tigrelab to create the Opening, Closing, and Awards Gala Ceremonies. Being in charge of the scenography of the room, the visual contents, the props of the venue, lighting, and soundtrack of the events, Tigrelab played with the big space of the room making a 30mts long stage made of wood and LED lights with extrusions of the logo in the center of the set as the claim of the shows to give the WOW factor the client was looking for. The whole thing was designed to be very flexible for all the events and activities taking place in the 4-days of the congress. From welcoming the guests, PowerPoint presentations, and motivational speeches, to the awards ceremony.