Atrezzo’s Euroshop 2020 stand wowed with captivating video content, seamlessly blending design and innovation.

Atrezzo Magic Box

Corporate / Tech
LED Wall / Immersive

Instronic contacted us to develop video content for the Atrezzo stand for the Euroshop 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany. While Instronic took care of the stand design and LED screen assembly, Tigrelab was in total charge of the visuals of the room, from the creative direction to the actual production of the full CG contents. The LED screen was used as a huge wall of 5m x 3m with a physical whole as a door to another space of the stand and two lateral smaller screens.


Tigrelab came up with the concept of a sculptural, surreal, and surprising magic box. We were looking for a design-oriented theatrical scenery, referencing some of our favorite artists, styles, spaces, and even materials.

Since the stand was mainly made of concrete, we decided to create a CG concrete wall opening and closing in the foreground functioning as a curtain that all the time would open and let us use the screen as an extension of the room itself. This was the base of our Magic Box, each time showing a new surrealist room with different structures, worlds, and rules.

The final results were 5 different scenes and transitions in-between, in full CG: the cloth, the surrealism, the installation, the volumes, and the museum. All of it is enhanced by different audios for each room and subtle SFX to immerse people who would stop and contemplate the virtual space. The room was also washed by LED lights, changing its colors in sync with the visuals.