Guided American University students for a vibrant cultural blend at Sharjah Light Festival 2020

American University of Sharjah

Arts & Culture
Projection Mapping

Nomada invited us to participate in the Sharjah Light Festival 2020. For the 10th edition of the festival, they wanted the students to be part of the festival. We mentored them in the whole creative process of the show, we wanted to emphasize the close relationship between America and Sharjah, a show where we mixed cultures, cities, and people.
Under our Artistic Direction, we guided the students from the American University during the creative process, giving some steps to follow, from the image search, mood board, composition, and drawings with vector illustrations to video mapping, helping them to set up ideas to write the script and giving some tricks to have better results.
They chose one city/state of America and one iconic Sharjah element. Based on this, they started to write and design the scene with our constant feedback. Finally, we gave our creative touch unifying all their designs, giving the same mood, and finally bringing it to life animating the whole piece in After Effects.